SEO for Home Builder Websites

The first stop for most shoppers these days is a search engine, most often Google. People shopping for a home builder are no different, so it’s very important that they encounter your home builder website early in their search. To do this your site must be search engine optimized and running well for key SEO terms. It’s time to get home builder SEO and your website working for you!

What is Home Builder SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that ensures your home builder website appears early in organic search. The easier it is for homebuyers to find your website via search engines, the more likely it is they will visit your sales center and buy a home. Of course when they show up at your sales center or model home your sales team can get down to the business of selling!

At Power Marketing we specialize in home builder websites and SEO. Though there are other home builder marketing avenues that garner more immediate results, none are as long-lasting or inexpensive as having an SEO-friendly website. We implement home builder SEO best practices on existing websites, as well as build the search engine-friendliest websites around. We understand that lead generation is the major driver of growth for home builders, and the path to growth goes through Google (or Bing).

The key components to building a top-notch website for SEO are design and content. The website’s design must be quick to load, easy to navigate and easily viewed on a mobile device. Content developed for the website should offer accurate and enticing content to create valuable leads. Power Marketing not only offers the best web designers around, but we know the home-building industry & your customers, understand the home builder keywords they use and expertly include those keywords throughout your website.

The Power Marketing Approach to Home Builder SEO

Once your site is live and optimized, the Power Marketing team works daily to increase your home-builder website’s organic ranking. We like to refer to SEO as a marathon, as it takes time to build a strong organic presence, but, if you find you need homebuyers right away, there is another option – PPC for home builders

Our SEO Blueprint for homebuilders will deliver rankings on top search engines like Google and Bing. Contact the SEO professionals at Power Marketing today to get started!

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The Facets of Home Builder Digital Marketing

Website Design

Mobile-friendly websites built to attract & convert

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Rank better organically in Google search

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Content Creation & Content Marketing

Keyword-rich content that nurtures & improves ranking organically

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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Personalized, targeted content that drives engagement

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Social Media Marketing

Increase your word-of-mouth

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PPC / Google Ads

Appear at the top of search results

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Our specialty is simple: we deliver leads. We’re massive marketing nerds, who love the art and science of connecting homebuyers with homebuilders.

2020 was an exceptional year for our homebuilder clients. 2021's home buying remains as strong as ever and most indications suggest 2022 will be just as strong. With this positive outlook moving forwards and so many new homebuyers entering the market, we wanted to create this compilation of the 21 best digital marketing tips for home builders to give you an enormous edge in this year.

Hope you find this resource both valuable and useful!

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